Our slogan: Quality is our response to your trust.

We are here to offer you after sales service with standards higher than you could imagine.

About us :
Mr Treadmill, (Mohammad Ahmadjoshaghani) entered the job market in aftersales department and maintenance of sports machines within Orchid Mehr Sporting Goods Group in 2006 after finishing a University course in Electronics. After a short time working as a technician in maintenance department, he was assigned as the technical manager of the company, and before being promoted to aftersales manager in 2010. Alongside working full-time, he started a B.S. degree in Computer and Digital Marketing which resulted into Computer Engineer and MBA degrees. Resigned from working in Orchid Mehr in 2017 where he could gain the vast experiences he obtained during work and by passing workshops in the Italian partner company, PANATA and DKCity of Taiwan.
Looking for a better job opportunity, he started as the Service Manager in Latifi Sport Company. After 8 months of cooperation, he decided to found and launch the “Mr Treadmill Service Company” on December 2017.
We try our best to make sure our customers receive the best service at highest standards that they all deserve.

Why are we special ?

Aftersales service is one of the most important factors that affect people’s decisions while purchasing merchandise including home furniture, electronics, and cars and so on. In most developed countries, aftersales services (guarantee and warranty) are necessities for companies to find a place in the highly competitive markets. In Iran too, for the past decade, aftersales service have been given great significance among the job unions and producers, however we admit that there is still room for improvement. Our aim is to get there and offer the highest quality of aftersales service in the market to our clients.
In order to achieve this goal, we use our team of experienced experts filling the void in the sports goods industry and giving out customers what they truly deserve.

Our goals :
۱- Serving our clients in the quickest time and lowest price possible to cover all people from different financial classes
۲- Giving the best service related to the issue to prevent future expenses for clients
۳- Using high quality goods (even better than the original parts) to maintain your sports machines so you can maintain good health and physique
۴- Sincerity and transparency with the customers regarding their machines and the maintenance process

What we offer :
۱- Maintenance for all sports machines including: Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike.
۲- Contracting to maintain the machines in sports halls of organizations and sports clubs.
۳- Purchasing and selling new equipments for your house or gym.
۴- Purchasing and selling second-hand equipments for your house or gym.
۵- Providing advice and inspections to customers prior to buying equipments.